Classy ambience, live-wire atmosphere, this was my impression when I entered Delhi’s first and only gastropub – Monkey Bar. The entire feel was so enthralling that it lived up to the hype I have been hearing for some time now. For the first timers, it is situated at the quiet corner of Vasant Kunj where the erstwhile Ministry of Sound was situated. The glass building infrastructure has been utilized well to develop a comfortable seating.

I went there along with Maneesh for the launch review of #Moctoberfest, a beer festival with a twist where beer aficionados are going to enjoy beer based cocktails, beer infused food and also 30 different varieties of beers from around the globe. The overall theme of the festival itself is very innovative and the sneak look at the menu confirmed it.

We started with the cocktails and first one to come to the table was Angel’s Share. A dash of Watermelon juice, spiked up with Tabasco & Vodka in a shot glass inside a mug of Ale beer to be sipped with two straws. We loved the unique presentation and one has to play around to get the taste from both the glasses. Next was Monkey Mojo, an Apple Mojito with Beer. It had a very refreshing taste and we both loved it. Mary Beer  was next, a twist to regular Bloody Mary with the Beer. It was done very well and tasted nice. The sweet, fresh Orange-adewas the next one with Orange, Maple, Anise in a Beer. The last one was Toddy Beer, Beer with Spice infused Brand. Maneesh loved this one for its aroma and rustic taste.

While the beers were flowing at the table, I was anxiously waiting for the beer infused food. Calamari Jones, Beer battered Calamari with Lime Aioli was the first one to arrive. The outer layer was crisp and it was soft from inside. Next was Cajun Chicken Taco Pizza. Tacos were crisp and Chicken was tender and spicy. Beer battered Coconut Jumbo Prawnswere soft and juicy from inside and were served with nicely done Chili Mayo. Drunken Toasty served with sweet potato crisps was Beer spiked chili cheese toast, and the potato crisp was brilliant. It was so addictive that I took it from all the plates. One can order toasty just for the crisps.

The main course had Finding Nemo, Beer battered Betki served with potato wedges was twist given to fish and chips which turned out well. The fish was done very well and had amazing flavors. Hum Aapke Hain Rissotto, a Mushroom & Walnut risotto that was creamy and delicious. St. Patrick’s Spaghetti was the superstar of the main course. Buttered spaghetti were nicely done in beef stew with a toad beer. Three Little Pigswere pork schnitzel served with apple salad. Alongside these, there was a generous helping of Beer battered Onion Rings.

The desserts section began with Chocolate and Stout Pudding. The bitterness of stout beer was nicely balanced with sweetness and it had a nice toasty aroma. The next dessert was Spiced Honey and Ale Cake. I liked this infusion very much as all the flavors were standing out. With this, our first experience of Monkey Bar came to an end and am sure that this would not be the last. I wish to go there often to enjoy their lip-smacking food and brilliant stacked bar.

The #Mocktoberfest is on for a month starting from 18thJune.

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