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After its success at HKV, Imperfecto has opened its second restaurant in Gurgaon to charm Gurgaon “wasis” with its imperfect, unconventional setting and Chef Nuria Rodríguez Paara’s magic. The place has both indoor and outdoor seating with quirky props placed all over. We went there on Wednesday evening and since there was a brief spell of unexpected rains in NCR, the outdoor seating was perfect for a pleasant evening.

Coming to food, the menu has signature Italian, Mediterranean, Spanish recipes and Chef Nuria has made sure that the authenticity of the cuisine isn’t compromised despite the challenges of getting a regular supply of traditional Mediterranean/Italian/Spanish raw material in India.
After a brief discussion with the Restaurant Director Yogesh and Chef Nuria, she went to the kitchen and started bringing her Imperfecto dishes.

Beef Roll Stuffed with Mozzarella: soft, mildly seasoned with herbs which helped in enjoying the full taste of beef fillet and mozzarella cheese

Croquettes Ham: these were soft, would simply melt in the mouth
Chicken Crepes with Red Sauce: soft and juicy chicken crepe with a mildly spicy red sauce. After the bite one can feel the aroma of spices put into it.
Dip Hummus with Pita Bread: interesting presentation of pita bread in a skewer with a perfect creamy hummus. One of the best hummus we have had in Delhi
Grill Bassa Fish with Mustard Sauce: Perfectly grilled bassa fish which was juicy, soft  and served with mustard sauce.
Risotto Pesto with Chicken Roasted: It was creamy, with pine nuts and pesto sauce inside it.

Lasagna Lamb: This was the Superstar of the evening. Perfectly cooked lasagna with nice aroma and flavors of herbs.

Overall the food was good, and the ambience excellent. It’s a perfect place for having  fun time with friends.

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