Non-Veg Muffaletta

With the blistering heat sweeping over everyone, it becomes difficult to think about food and enjoy the same. What we need this summer is something cool, refreshing and something that would lower our body temperature when the heat soars!!. Spaghetti Kitchen, kept this in mind while coming up with AMORE DI PANE festival. It celebrates the various preparations around ‘Pane’, Italian for bread.

On a hot Tuesday afternoon, we decided to have our lunch at Spaghetti Kitchen at Select Citywalk at Saket and try out the festival menu. Post our customary conversation with the restaurant Chef and the manager, we decided to go with the chef’s recommendations. First one to land on our table was Roasted Vegetable Cibatta. A simple preparation of fresh vegetables perfectly roasted in oven placed in a crunchy cibatta. The vegetables were not dry and were crunchy and one can enjoy it any time of the day. Second in the line was Veg Muffaletta, a hot pocket stuffed with spinach, jalapenos and baby corns. A supreme filling that had balanced the rustic taste of spinach with jalapenos.
Fresh Mozzarella and bocconcini
Veg Maffaletta

Next in line was non-veg offerings. Ham and Cheese Panini, hickory roast ham grilled with Gouda cheese. It was delicious and the granny smith(green apple) gave it a crunchy and little tangy flavor that balanced the sweetness of honey roasted ham – and thus we got a perfect sandwich. Smoked Chicken Wrap. Tortilla wrap of barbequed chicken strips with Gorgonzola Cheese and mustard dressing – Gorgonzola cheese dressing gave it light creamy taste. Roasted Beef Cibattahad a fillet of beef – slow cooked and sliced, concatenated with red wine, mushrooms and caramelized onion. Both the veg and non-veg cibatta were very crusty and both had a very unique and interesting taste. Non-Veg Muffalettawas completely different in taste and flavor from the veg one. It had smoked chicken franks, Belgian ham, jalapenos, olives and Fontina cheese. The first bite had set fireworks to the pallette.

Roasted Beef Ciabatta
Ham and Cheese Panini

The festival menu is short and simple with 4 delicacies each of veg and non-veg. The festival is on till 16th June 2014. All the dishes are served with pickled vegetables, fresh summer salad, French fries and 30ml Black Dog Whiskey.Yes, you read it right, the prices mentioned in the menu include Black Dog whiskey.
The Italian lunch affair was simply outstanding and would recommend that it should not to be missed.
Smoked Chicken Wrap

Boun Appetito!!!!

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