My recent visit to Asia 7 for their launch of Yum Cha festival left me speechless… literally!! Because my mouth was filled with dimsums. One after the other flavours of the east kept pouring in… just like fresh monsoon rain. And was it good or was it good. After tasting almost 15 varieties, i was yearning for more and wanted to do it all over again the next day.

Coming from delhi, i do have a special place for dimsums in my palate and thus low tolerance for bad dimsums. At Asia 7, i wasn’t disappointed. Coupled with their special trolley of herbal cha with flavours ranging from traditional – earl grey, chamomile etc to exotic ones – lemongrass, hibiscus and blossom thai. The freshly brewed teas bring out the delicate flavours of dimsum.

The wide variety of options in dimsums – prawns/ chicken/ shrimp/ scallops/ pork/ mushrooms/ wasterchestnut etc will keep your taste buds occupied. My personal favourite of the lot – Prawns hargao with blossom thai cha & pan fried chicken kothe with lemon grass cha.

What surprised me most about this promotional festival is the price point. As the competitive market is booming, food establishments have introduced very pocket friendly offers. This one at Asia 7 is placed at INR 799++ which for, all-you-can-eat dimsum baskets and herbal teas, is an absolute steal!! Sprinkle it up with tastefully done ambience and very friendly (if a tad bit formal) service, this is an experience you shouldn’t miss.
Though Asia 7 might not be the unique fine dining place they aspire to be, this place is capable of converting your ordinary moments special. 

My rating (for promotion only) – 4/5
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