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There are some moments in your life when you are euphoric! I received the 10th anniversary celebrations, invitation of Tonino, and I realized that in today’s world where restaurants are trying to establish themselves and some of them are closing down, 10 years milestone is a great achievement!
Tonino is  considered as one of the finest and authentic Italian place in Delhi and also one of the most romantic place too.

When we reached tonino, we were greeted by Simran Sahwney,  wife of Mr. Parmeet Sawhney – the man behind Tonino.  She took us down the memory lane and shared with us how passionate Parmeet is about food and his frequent visit to Italy inspired him to open – TONINO.
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While chatting with Simran, we asked about Italian chef vs Indian Chef as an Italian chef would know the cuisine better. She replied that it’s very common that when a foreign chef leaves, the quality deteriorates. Chef Suman has been with Tonino since its inception and his vast experience on Italian cuisine says it all. Chef shared that he prepares various delicacies’ that covers different regions of Italy  and brings to the table an Authentic Italian cuisine.

Tonino has Al fresco and indoor seating along with beautifully crafted menu and elegantly designed interior. Journey that began in 2004 with passion for food continued with same rigour and this passion has compelled them to excel and keep giving the best every time!
costolette di pollo con salsa piccante
There was specially designed menu for the bloggers table. We were served antipasti first and it was salad with rocket leaves, pears, pinenuts, cherry tomatoes, honey balsamic vinegar dressing. Crunchy and little sweet, this salad had set our mood for the rest of the day. Next was fresh asparagus with roasted bell pepper and garlic crumb, a light healthy first course. The delicious pan grilled, pesto marinated chicken was perfect, juicy and tender. Basil tortellini, stuffed pasta filled with spinach ricotta, truffle oil and parmesan, a truly Italian meal that was soft, juicy and had amazing flavor. Then we had the thinnest pizza with my favorite salami, fresh, crisp and delightful! One of the best thin crust pizza I have ever had.
And then for the main course we were served chicken chops with BBQ sauce along with grilled potatoes and vegetables. Perfectly grilled chicken along with the sauce was unique and amazing that gave this meal an excellent taste.
Our exceptional lunch ended with classic tiramisu and espresso flavored mascarpone cheese cake – perfect – classic, and if you love coffee then you will most certainly love this delicious dessert! And even if you aren’t a coffee fan – It’s still worth every bite – BIG SIZE BITES that I gulped.
I must say that over the last 10 years Tonino has not only been able to excite taste buds Delhlites with their authentic Italian cuisine but have also, always, surprised their customers with excellent food and brilliant hospitality.
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