The magic of Hollywood – movie stars, lifestyle, parties, and food has come to Delhi. The Band-Baaja-Baarat underbelly of West Delhi has got its slice of Hollywood, courtesy The California Boulevard. Once you land in front of the building housing TCB, its façade leaves you in disbelief. The false setting of Victorian style balcony with flowers and hanging lamps, the red carpet at the entrance, Hollywood Walk of Fame stars on the floor tiles and cult Harley Davidson near the seating area will overwhelm you. The aesthetic of TCB is true to its name.

Mr. Rajan Sethi welcomed us and introduced us to the GM Ms. Karen and Chef Nitin Pal Singh. We congratulated them for taking the risk of bringing such concept to West Delhi and started discussing to understand the mindset of being so courageous. We were told that the promoters are pro at food & hospitality business and are already running couple of restaurants in that area. The objective of setting up TCB was to give the residents of West Delhi an opportunity to enjoy fine dining experience. The restaurant serves cuisines of 11 countries and since, California is a melting pot of various cultures which reflects in its food scene as well, the promoters aptly name it ‘The California Boulevard’.

Once the topic moved to the food, I chose to have a look at their menu. It looked good and had a good blend of Indian recipes. The drinks menu was very impressive with wide variety of white & brown spirits, wines and concocts. Chef Nitin asked us about our preferences and we told him that we will go by his choice. So he left us in anticipation of a great food experience. The first thing that came on our table was Dilli Ki Chat, crispy spinach leaves with tamarind & mint chutney. The crackle of the leaves with tangy flavors is enough to spike one’s taste buds. Tandoori Badam Broccoli was crisp and had a smoky flavor. Kulfi Gazzak was super hit both in terms of taste and presentation. Beside these, there were some hits and misses.
Hits: Dilli Ki Chat, Tandooi Badami Broccoli, Grilled Lamb Skewers, TCB Kulfi Gazzak Ferrous, Espresso Chocolate Cake Mousse, Tiramisu

Misses: Chicken Crostini, Sushi Paneer, Kaffir Lime Tikka, Ganderi Kebab, Indonesian Chicken Satay, Bang Bang Duck Roll, Prawn Har Gao, Mushroom Dimsum, Fish & Chips, Pizza TCB, Pork Chops

Overall, the restaurant promises in terms of concept, ambience and food. These are early days and every new restaurant takes time to develop its core. I look forward to be back there.

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