Chef Ritu Dalmia

Last Friday evening when Delhi’s skyline was covered with black clouds and was ready to pour it all, we  were waiting at the posh Defence Colony for a diva to ring some action. The diva, celebrity chef – Ritu Dalmia herself was about to show us some some easy-to-cook recipes at her modern Asian cuisine restaurant Diva Kitsch.

The guests were curious and eager to learn new cuisines from the master herself. She started with simple, easy to do Cold Vietnamese Spring Rollswhich can be ‘rolled’ in minutes. She prepared a few rolls for the guests and then asked all us to come forward and take the charge of her kitchen table (for a few minutes) and try our hand on the rolls. With the kitchen open for us, she asked to take whatever ingredients you want and experiment according to your taste and interest.

Then she proceeded to make Cold Avocado Soup which she served with Crab Salad. Simple, easy-to-do-at-home, healthy and tasty drink. She suggested that we can experiment with other fruit/vegetables like beet-root, carrots, etc. The last recipe was  Burnt Garlic Soya Prawns. Again easy to do stuff at at home. She asked that some of us can try it there. A couple of guests did ventured and made their own version of  Burnt Garlic Soya Prawns.
The exuberance and peppy energy of the super chef Ritu Dalmia ensured that this session didn’t turn out to be just another cookery class.
On the one hand, we were enjoying the Master Class, but on the other hand kitchen heat was making us sweat buckets. She saw it and took us over to the bar section of the restaurant for coolers. The bar men demonstrated some of the cocktails like G & Tea, Rummy Monsoon, Bloody Beer and the Kitschy Cooler. These cocktails were infused with modern Asian flavors like lemongrass, ginger, kaffir lime, cinnamon, basil and even a touch of wasabi. The drinks were refreshing and unique with Bloody Beer spicing up every one’s taste buds. The session culminated with guests savouring dishes from the Liquid Hour Menu and cocktails.
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