Grilled Chicken Royale

Since the launch of McSpicy range last year, McDonald’s has come up with a premium offering named Royale Range. The range has two variants – McPaneer Royale and Grilled Chicken Royal, one each to cater both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. It seems that the brand is making a conscious effort to shed its value brand positioning and re-position itself as an aspirational yet accessible brand. They have even shed their eponymous red-and-yellow colors.
We were invited for the launch of this range and were welcomed by the Mr. Rajesh Kumar Maini, GM Corporate Communications. He briefed us about the new range and the background of the product development. We tried both the variants and were pleasantly surprised with the taste and flavor of it.

Grilled Chicken Royale is a hot grilled chicken patty topped with smoked chicken salami, lettuce salad, tomato roundels and a dash of mayo in cornmeal dusted buns.The patty was juicy and the salami was giving smoky aroma.

McPaneer Royale is a grilled paneer marinated in French herbs topped with cheese and onion sauce, lettuce salad, tomato roundels and jalapenos in cornmeal dusted buns. The paneer patty was soft and juicy and the herb marination was giving it a distinct flavor. Jalapeno in a burger was a surprise and t added a different twist to it.
McPaneer Royale

Though we are meat lovers and generally avoid having vegetarian dishes while eating out (unless it’s a special recipe), we loved the McPaneer Royale more than the Grilled  Chicken Royale. Both the burgers are excellent and we will give full points for their distinct preparation and combination.

 McPaneer Royaleis priced at 115/- and Grilled Chicken Royale at 125/- exclusive of taxes. Important to note that McDonald’s follow differential pricing across various locations  and the same product will be priced differently at Highstreet, Highway, Shopping Malls and McDelivery.
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