Bohras are Mustali subsect of Islamili Shia Islam which originated in Yemen and later spread to India and Pakistan. The early settlement of Bohra’s in Gujarat particularly Surat led to major Gujarati influences in their cuisine.

A lot of Mughlai dishes specially kebabs and tikkas are widely made in Bohra families with influences from Arabic and Middle East. Meat, rice and pulses are important constituents of their diet and are interestingly blended together in delicacies like Bohri Kichra. Other specialities include Halwan (chunks of lamb cooked with tomatoes), Bohri Murgh and Patoria Gosht. Apart from the detectable and distinctive cooking style, there are certain traditional ways in which food is prepared and served. The Bohri Cuisine majorly consists of mutton and chicken as there are very less takers for vegetarian food.

We had an enticing Bohri food tasting experience at K3, JW marriot, Aerocity New Delhi. The Bohri food left us craving for more. The service started with salt as it is believed in Bohri cusinie that the food should start and end with salt to clear the palette. We were served sweet rice topped with sliced almonds that added a nice crunchiness and was cooked in desi ghee. The entree included mutton cutlets, chicken roll, hara bhara kebab and cheese rolls. Mutton cutlets were soft and succulent and more like baby cutlets. The crust of Chicken Roll had layer of egg inside the roll and was deep fried, before the filling being added, which gave it it’s crispiness. The hara bhara kebab was an average snack which would taste great with a drink.

The main course began with channa batata i.e. chick peas cooked with potato and mild spices. Folllowes by dalcha which was regular daal cooked with potatoes. Navratan korma had pumpkin, potato, beans and carrot which was pleasantly sumptuous. The non vegetarian main course comprised of, Dabba gosht (mutton cooked in cashew puree and then baked with a layer of tomato topping that covered the entire dish) – More of like Mutton pie. We had murg sauce that was a milder version of butter chicken . Another Bohri speciality was khichda, made of whole coarsely ground wheat along with keema, cooked in hot pot in dum technique, It had a unique flavour of fennel (saunf) that gave it a punch. It tasted marvelous with dash of lemon and spiced and fried onions crisps.The rice dish was safed biriyani, cooked with mutton, potato and onions and various mild spices and served with cold soup of moong daal and onion.

The bohri cuisine rarely serves breads with their main course dishes unlike others. Here the main course was accompanied by naan pao. We highly recommend you to try mutton cutlets, dibba gosht, Khichda and safed biryani.

K3 at the JW Marriott New Delhi Aerocity conjures up the age old sumptuousness prepared by Musakir, a veteran Bohri Master Chef specializing in authentic Bohri delicacies.

Discover the myriad tastes and flavors of Bohra’s kitchens with a curated buffet featuring signature recipes and unforgettable experiences.
 Date:  25th April to 4th May 2014

Lunch: 12:30pm – 3:00pm, INR 1650 + tax
Dinner: 7:00pm – 11:00pm, INR 2100 + tax          

For reservations call -91 11 4521 2121 Extn: 2120

Review By Jaspreet Kaur

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