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Taj has always been known for their charming, legendary and contemporary hospitality. Nothing could have been more exciting than to have received an invitation for the celebration of the fifth anniversary of finest Japanese restaurant WASABI by Morimoto at the Taj Mansingh hotel.

I was expecting an excellent lunch with some iconic stories. Grandmaster Chef shared his experiences about Shamiana Mumbai which turned 40 on October 27, 2012 and how they offered an unique way to celebrate the 40th anniversary, selling some of their old favorites from the menu at Rs40 only. Unbelievable and there were a huge waiting line for the place. That is  the magic of the Taj and we were here ,expecting the same at the media lunch.

Salmon wara tataki 

Wasabi by Morimoto, the world-class contemporary Japanese restaurant is the brainchild of legendary Chef Masaharu Morimoto, known to many as the Iron Chef. Visually stunning, this elegant restaurant offers the best of Japanese gastronomic delights. The restaurant features the most impressive repertoire of Japanese sakes with a separate sake bar, and boasts a dramatic teppanyaki counter and sushi bar that treats guests to a vibrant display of steel and iron showmanship. Wasabi’s unique feature is the strength of its vegetarian menu, crafted entirely by Chef Oberoi.*

Crispy Onion Cup in Morel Soup

Expressing his happiness on the occasion Chef Hemant Oberoi said, “With great happiness we announce the 5th anniversary and the new menu at Wasabi by Morimoto in New Delhi. Wasabi was launched as a contemporary Japanese restaurant and we are humbled with the tremendous response it has received over the years. We look forward to many more such celebrations in future”*

Spicy grilled angel shrimp

While launching the new menu Grandmaster shared his emphasis on introducing more vegetarian dishes at wasabi and they had worked really hard to develop a new vegetarian menu. He also pointed out that seven out of ten richest family in India are vegetarian and hence the eagerness to create a very competitive menu for vegetarians.

The Avocado Tartare, the Bell Pepper and Crispy Asparagus Sushi Rolls, the Crispy Onion Cup in Morel Soup, and the Eggplant Aka Miso were brilliantly crafted. The vegetarian dishes were delicious and people like me who are die hard non-veg would go head over heels for it.

Spicy grilled angel shrimp with yuzu koshu sauce(It is a paste made from chili peppers, yuzu peel and salt, which is then allowed to ferment). Shrimp was grilled in rice batter that gave it crispy and crunchier taste. Interesting thing was the salad basket that was super thin and crisp and made from trout fish. It was interesting to see such innovative dishes. Not just innovation, taste and presentation was impeccable.

Black Cod miso

Though the veg dishes were excellent, their non-vegetarian dishes simply bowled me over. Sushi and shashmi platter that I would want to have  anytime,anywhere. it was visually stunning and exceptionally good in taste. Whether it was lamb chop or black cod miso or the ghost tenderloin sukiyaki.Every dish was not only brilliant in presentation was but were cooked to perfection. Ghost tenderloin was with white candy floss and when you pour soya sauce it vanishes that’s how it has got it’s name. It was cooked to perfection and with mash potato and garlic soy, It definitely was foodie’s delight.

Black Cod miso was flaky and not too sweet. It was interesting to know that how the fish has been cured for almost 3-4 days to get the perfect taste. Lamb chop shichimi yaki marinated in black shichimi( seven chilli flavor) was served with morel sauce. A rich and earthy morel sauce makes an elegant accompaniment for lamb chop.

Sakura strawberry  

The kind of hard work Master Chef Hemant Oberoi and his team has placed in crafting the menu for vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian lovers at Wasabi by morimoto,this place will never go out of fashion and will always have customers brimming with enthusiasm.

Besides this review, I would also want you to read this interesting article on TAJ Mumbai– By Harvard Business Review

As I had mentioned, TAJ has charming, legendary and contemporary hospitality and a whole new meaning for customer service!!

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P.S. * excerpts from official press release

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