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Sunday brunches are gaining quite a fan-following in the city. People having worked hard throughout the week, the idea of relaxing over sumptuous spread of breakfast and lunch options sounds enticing. Pair that with few glasses of bubbly/ beer/ wine, and the Sunday converts into heavenly day spent with friends and family.

The invitation of Punjab grill for their latest offering of new Sunday brunch was exciting. Running mental images of bacon, eggs, sausages, waffles followed by the well-established authentic Indian flavors of Punjab grill, the brunch however, was a fancy term for a regular lunch buffet.

Taking the regular menu of the restaurant out in the spacious courtyard, the brunch aka lunch at Punjab grill is a decent spread of live counters and tandoor stations.  The starters of desi chaat and tikkas was good. What did stand out for me was the pineapple thandai topped with a delicately balanced spice mix. The main course was average as compared to the a-la-carte of same dishes I have tried many times at Punjab grill.

The new addition of tawa sabzi – pre-cooked dry vegetables finished with masala on a live tawa – brought the interesting twist to what was turning out to be just another regular lunch. In dessert, phirni held its strong ground while rest of desserts added to the mediocrity of overall meal.

While we the food bloggers sat and were contemplating on the food and presentation, the reality was customers flocked in at lunch time. In the times of value for money, the price point of INR 1000 (AI) is lucrative enough to attract lunch revelers who just want reasonable banquet and the competitive pricing in the up-market area of juhu add to the mix.

My recommendation will always be the fine experience of Punjab grill savored in their regular menu.

My rating Sunday Brunch – 3/5

Address: Juhu Shopping Centre,, Gulmohar Cross Road Number 9, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400058
Phone:022 2624 5735

12:00 pm – 12:00 am

Reviewed By Teena Khanna

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