Of science meeting food and flavours…The food scenario in today’s time is dwindling on extremes. While there are restaurants effervescently rebuilding the royal Indian gourmet experience for its patrons, the other side is making the food go all futuristic.
The conduit of achieving the segmentation may be diverse; the common denominator is the need of being unique for the customer and giving them an experience that brings back loyal patronage.

wild mushroom chai, truffle oil crumbs, dehydrated mushrooms

My recent visit to Jiggs Kalra’s very own Masala Library was an interesting adventure into gastronomic zone. Located at the new and upcoming culinary hub of BKC complex, the location is convenient to both town and suburbian mumbaikars.

maska bun

The restaurant looks upmarket enough to attract the likes of fine diners. Greeted and served by a very pleasant team, the surprise element was a young bright chef Sourabh who is the mind and hand behind innovation at Masala Library. A lad all of 26 was exuberant and modern chef spending time with the customers and the kitchen alike.

curry leaf and pepper prawns, thayir sadam, banana crisp

The buzz word of molecular gastronomy made multiple appearances on the table at various stages – khandvi spheres, star anise martini and liquid nitrogen dessert incorporated dessert – all made to perfection and impress it does.

galawat kebab, tawa tikka, varqi parantha 

The Super hits –
Galawat kebabs with varqi parantha was a definite hit in the starters category. Melt in mouth texture, this is a must order. The quintessential butter chicken made its presence felt with a twist.

pan seared scallops, roasted peanut, green chilli salan

And the best was saved for the last. Dessert course at Masala library is unmistakably their best page. Caviar jalebi with rabri looked like motichoor ladoo but tasted every bit like our good old jalebi in a new avatar. If you are going in a big group, you cannot not order the ‘Chocolate’  which is mouth melting kulfi frozen with liquid nitrogen and topped up with hot chocolate sauce, an absolute sinner’s paradise.

liquid nitrogen chilled ‘Chocolate’

The Not-so-hits –
The mushroom soup served in English style breakfast tea – very unique in presentation – served in a teacup, while being innovative, misses the mark with over dried mushrooms floating on the top.
Bhindi jaipuri lacked the crispiness that the authentic jaipuri dish commands and appeared a green gooey fudge.

bhindi jaipuri, papad ki subzi, hand pounded churma

The Rest of it –
Rest of the meal was not extraordinaire and yet left a lasting impression for us to nod our head in appeasement. Pan seared scallops with a desi masala, prawn kulcha and prawn chettinad will definitely bring us back.

braised mutton chaamp, maple and kokum glaze

Overall a big thumbs up to this innovation factory, a place we would definitely go many a times and savour the futuristic fusion tadka to our very own desi meal.

Jalebi Caviar

Average meal for 2 – INR 4000/-
Overall Rating – 4/5

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