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My third visit to “lodi –the garden restaurant” says it all, undoubtedly one of the most romantic restaurant in delhi. I not only love their food but love their outside sitting décor.

 Our review of lodi – their summer menu 2013
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fresh rocket salad with feta cheese

Invitation from Lodi PR to review their Seafood Fiesta, was more than welcomed as this place churns in brilliant food and I find this place pretty romantic.

Seafood fiesta menu

This time I chose to sit outside, given the weather was perfect for dining out in the open. I reached on time and was greeted warmly by staff. We had long discussion with chef on their sea food fiesta menu and soon began with our food tasting session.

Char-grilled prawns

We started with soup bouillabaisse – this classic Provençal seafood stew is loaded with clams, lobster and fish in a broth delicately flavored with fennel and pastis. Fish, oyesters,clams, mussels, kalamari and shrimps beautifully simmered in tomato, fennel, leak and garlic broth. A perfectly cooked soup with full of sea jewels makes the perfect start of the meal. Already impressed by our previous experience, I was super excited for this evening.

Fritto misto

In starters, we had fritto misto  – small morsels seafood coated with batter and deep fried served with remoulade, a cold sauce made with mayonnaise and various condiments and herbs, as chopped pickles, capers, mustard, parsley, chervil, and tarragon. It had the perfect crunch at the outer layer and soft, moist from within, marked the perfect beginning.

Grilled norwegian salmon

Next was the rocket leaves salad with feta cheese with nuts and honey and lemon salad dressing, – fresh salad made from freshly grown rocket leaves from their own organic farm. One of the best salads I have ever had.


I was told that they have their own organic farms where they produce organic vegetables and fruits and these rocket leaves that they used in the salad were from their own organic farms. Infact all the fruits and vegetables they use are organic. They also have a small shop inside the restaurant where they sell fresh jams, marmalade and other things made from organic fruits.

We also tasted their famous garlic breads. Garlic bread was soft and crispy with garlic infusing in every bite!.

In the mains we had char-grilled prawns, char-grilled whole pomfret and grilled Norwegian salmon.
Big jumbo prawns perfectly char-grilled with Indian spices and lemon were absolutely delicious and I love it when prawns are cookedprepared in a way that they don’t lose their taste. Jumbo prawns were huge and it isn’t to get these huge prawns easily in market. I was told that they get their sea food from Mumbai and other fishes from coastal Orissa.

lamb chop

Char-grilled whole pomfret marinated with mustard, ginger and yogurt, perfectly cooked and delicious and complemented well with roasted tomato chutney,
Grilled Norwegian salmon with horseradish mustard spices up this vinaigrette dressing variation, bringing a little extra zip to any dish you dress with it. Along with crusted potato and carrot, it was perfectly cooked salmon, flaky yet brilliant in taste.

bread pudding in almond sauce with fig ice-cream, banofie  pie

Any meal can’t be completed without desert, on chef’s recommendation, we had bread pudding in almond sauce with fig ice-cream, banofie  pie, eggless chocolate molten cake. Visually stunning and extremely delicious!  Perfect desert to complete your meal on very high note.

We returned from an excellent, elevated dining experience! I can’t wait to go back there soon.

Seafood fiesta at Lodi is till 31st march, go and indulge yourself in some mouthwatering food.

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