Chicken wings
That’s how we were introduced to, and welcomed by the manager at The Khan Market outlet of Harry’s on our date with them on a sunny Wednesday Afternoon. Sharing the same kitchen with The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on the first floor, Harry’s space seemed too small for a bar when we entered.
But we fell in love with the not-so-fancy interiors, the open bar, the huge tv screens/projectors, and to top it all the outdoor seating overlooking the market. The bar throws a very “laidback” yet youthful attitude, just a perfect place to loosen up and chill with your friends. The couches give a perfect “gossip corner” look, and the simplistic chairs makes for a comfortable seating style.
The menu ,though limited, had good choices. With Harry’s known to serve some excellent mocktails and cocktails, we started with the White Wine Sangria and the Harry’s Signature drink : Dirty Harry ( Mint, Vodka, Demerera and Lychee ). Not compromising on the quality of spirits or wine served , the drinks were refreshing. What really crackled with us is The Harry’s Old Fashioned ( Orange Peel and Caramel with Scotch on Ice )and the Chatka Mary ( Guava juice, vodka, tobacco sauce, lime juice but the red chilli powder and salt really spices it up ). The drinks are not only presented well, but designed in a way to go well with the food menu.
The Nachos is a must try! Crispy, delicious and the toppings of cheese sauce, jalapenos, beans, tomatoes, onions and sour cream just make it a sight-to-see !
Our recommendation : The Maple Spare Ribs ( Pot roasted Pork Ribs with Maple star onion Glaze and Green onion )… It was a visual treat,( Looked so much like a chocolate sauce candy ) ,we just couldn’t take our eyes off it. As good as they were presented, our taste buds craved for more when we took just one bite… Soft, juicy and just perfectly cooked! For vegetarians, the Jalapeno Poppers and Bruschetta are surely tasteful delights. The Bruschetta, though topped with beans, didn’t sog the bread for quite a long period of time and we were truly impressed by the same as compared to the soggy/soft breads served in other bars/restaurants.
The Maple Spare Ribs
And then came the Showstopper !!!! The famous Jazz Burger of Harry’s. They surely know how a burger patty should be…juicy, soft and stacked perfectly inside the buns along with cheese, mushrooms, eggs and bacon!!! This stole our heart and you can’t leave Harry’s without having this one ! The vegetarians need not be disappointed. The Garden Burger too lives upto the reputation with Vegetable cutlet, chillies, Cilantro and Cheddar cheese.
Jazz Burger
And for those with a sweet tooth, you can Indulge in some desserts from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Though we found the Philadelphia Cheese cake a little dry, it was a good accompaniment with a cup of coffee.
Head to Harry’s if you are at/near Khan Market and the drink and a quick grub will surely leave you uplifted. And all this at the most satisfactory prices. We surely give this 4/5.
Address : 62, 2nd floor, Above CTBL, Khan Market, Delhi
Phone : 011-30146025
Meal for two : Rs. 800-1000
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