International book fair at Delhi always attracts lot of visitors every year. This year Republic of Poland was the Guest of honor country.

At the launch of the book fair President of India said “It is heartening to note that Poland is the Guest Country—a country and culture with which we have had close relations.” He was happy to note that an illustrated book for children, ‘Little Chopin’, on the legendary musical genius of Poland has been published by NBT in association with Polish Institute.” This year book fair had special focus on children and many publishers and diplomats from Poland were invited.

To celebrate this event Ambassador of Poland invited publishers, diplomats, media folks and other prominent people in Delhi  and emphasized on working to increase business and as part of this effort, he convened a high level business networking dinner and Mystic Foodie Mantra too received the invite on Saturday, 15th February 2014 at the residence of the Ambassador ( 1, Tilak Marg, new Delhi)

We reached on time and were welcomed by the Ambassador  of the Republic of Poland to India Mr. Piotr Klodkowski. We got chance to interact with  publishers from Poland and other Polish diplomats.  It was interesting to interact with Lucas Kondej(Economic section),Tomasz Wisniewski(econimic counsellor)  and equally interesting to learn about their love for indian food and culture.

The Claridges were the outdoor caterers and we experienced premium hospitality. Food and Drinks was undoubtedly amazing and the cuisines varied from Indian to continental

At the party we had  Ms. Kataryzyna Kaceperczyk, Hon’ble Secretary, Public and Economic Diplomacy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Ms. Monika Smolen, Hon’ble Secretary, Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland, and consisting of publishers, authors, artists, rights managers and high-level officials; Some other important members of the delegation included Mr. Maciej Fałkowski, Deputy Joint Secretary, Asia- Pacific Department, MFA, Mr. Krzysztof Przybył, Director of the Management Board of the Polish Promotional Emblem Foundation , Ms. UrszulaŚlązak, Director of the Department of the International Relations, Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland, Ms. Dorota Janiszewska – Jakubiak, Deputy Director of the Cultural Heritage Department, Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland, Mr. WiktorJędrzejec , Director of the Department of Art. and Culture Education, Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland, Mr. Sebastian Domżalski, First Secretary, Head of Economic Section, Embassy of the Republic of Poland, Mr.Grzegorz Gauden, Director of The Polish Book Institute ; Besides the high-level officials related to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Culture, the delegation consists of the galaxy of publishers, writers, rights managers, academicians, translators including Ms.Beata Stasińska, Foksal Publishing Group, CEO of W.A.B, Ms. Olga Tokarczuk, writer, bestselling author, Mr. Jacek Dehnel, writer, Ms. Jadwiga Jędryas, CEO of Two Sisters Publishing House , Ms. Ewa Stiasny , CEO of Two Sisters Publishing House, Ms. Magdalena Dębowska, CEO of Polish Rights Agency, Mr. Michał Nogaś, journalist, Polish National Radio, Mrs. Magdalena Heydel, lecturer, Mr. Michał Rusinek, writer, Secretary- General of the Wisława Szymborska Foundation, Mr. Wojciech Jagielski, writer, Ms. Małgorzata Gurowska​, illustrator and graphic artist, Monika Browarczyk, Maria Skakuj Puri, bothe being translators from Polish to Hindi and many other Indian Diplomats and delegates.

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