Chef Gurpreet Singh Gehdu
of Punjab Grill launched their winter menu in December, many praised about it, Including my favorite food blogger Sourish Bhattacharya( and very good friend Vivek Vaid of Tiger Experience( was excited when I got invite from Sonali, their marketing communication head.
As usual, I reached on time and was warmly greeted by Sonali Kapoor, Head Marcom and Deepak Bhatia, AVP, Lite Bite Food (LBF). LBF own Punjab grill and other brands like fresco, Zambar and street food of India. I would also like to thank Sonali for the warm hospitality. Even being head of marcom she did everything possible to make everyone comfortable and interacted with each one of us. Very down to earth, cheerful, social and gem of a person. very few PR folks, post the invitation ensure to be present around and make an effort to ensure that fooddrinks is being served.

ganne ka juice margarita

This invitation was for their chakhna menu which they had launched on Friday. Chakhna, as the name suggests, “to taste”, offers wide variety of appetizers served with drinks that will leave you with an engaging conversation with friends/colleagues.  The idea is to have great food along with drinks.

Innovation and Simplicity along with blend of traditional cocktail drinks that was fused with the authenticity of real juice. I was bowled over by cocktails like ganne ka juice margarita and rasbhari margarita.

rasbhari margarita

Ganne ka juice margarita, a unique blend  with pinch of lemon juice, mint, black salt, ginger that was amazing to have with  prawn tikki and masala mattra. I felt, more prawns could have been added to get the perfect flavor. Mattra tasted like the way I have had in chandni chowk and  I suggested chef to add small piece of kulcha to it.

Rashbhari margarita had the perfect sourness of rashbhari and black salt gave the added zing to this drink. Having it with Ambarsari macchi  ( served along with traditional potato chips)that was crisp and spicy was a delight!

Mutton boti served in istri(traditional charcoal press) was another innovative way of presenting the dish. Though it had perfect spices, I felt. mutton could have been cooked more as I like it more soft.


The traditional chuski with five different flavours of Gol Guppe ka pani , Ambi Panna , Anar juice and  Nimboo Paani was excellent and every chuski had a very distinct flavor

Band baja de whisky failed to impress me as it was simple single malt whisky with your choice of soda/water, and the small baja which they played, didn’t serve the purpose.  The combination of rimjhim ( masala drink of coco cola ) didn’t impress me as I prefer to have my rum (old monk with any cola and plain water added in equal portions.

Pineapple thandhai was interesting take on traditional thandhai that had traces of Bhang and great pineapple flavor.

Other interesting dish was, sunny side up tuk tuk with khameeri roti. Roti stuffed with poached egg that would just melt in your mouth. Chicken keema with fryums(Fryums –  a school time favourite snack which we used to stick in all our five fingers and would eat  one by one) too was delightful.

Mathri served with cheese foundue, where instead of adding wine, chef  he added the traditional old monk was interesting.

With the kind of innovative menu chef Gurpreet has developed, I am sure this will be instant hit for bar lovers. It’s like going back to your roots and bringing back those lost memories  where old buddies used to sit, relax and enjoy couple of drinks over chakhnas. As Punjab Grill says “Ensuring that at Punjab Grill, a drink is never served single”. – You will definetly have a good experience!

(Picture Courtesy  – Punjab Grill)

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