When I got the invitation to try food at West Bengal at Culture Gulley, KOD, I was excited as well as little apprehensive given the fact that I have very strong bong connection. Surrounded by Bengali families since childhood and being married to a Bengali girl,
 I have tried Bengali food at different Bengali homes. So,  for me it’s like my second favourite cuisine. Ranna as they call it, has tremendous varieties in veg and non-veg.

I have been not able to find a real good place outside home where I can go and eat or recommend my friends to eat authentic Bengali food.

First glance,  I loved the look and the feel of the restaurant, it has typical bong look with those old lamps, chairs and tables…Apart from their own Bengali food, Chinese is their second love. You will find lot of Chinese joints in every corner of Kolkata. And Tangra Market, China Town in Kolkata is hub for Chinese food.

We started with Chinese first. We ordered Tangra Chilli Chicken, Chilly Garlic Fish, Tangra Style Devil Mushroom. I love the way it had been prepared. It has the perfect chilli flavor exactly the way bong eat their chinese. Right amount of green chilli, cooked perfectly. The same taste and flavor which you will get in Kolkata. Their Chinese dishes don’t have the typical delhi flavor. It was cooked the way they cook it in Kolkata. I spoke to their chef who is from Kolkata and he explained every dish, and also how he prepared it.

In Chinese main course we ordered veg fried rice and chicken Manchurian. Perfectly cooked chicken with typical soya and chilli sauce flavor with garlic, It was delicious and tasted the way it should be. Khub Bhalo as we call it in Bengali if we like something 🙂

After having super awesome Chinese food, I was really looking forward to try some real Bengali food.

We started with Lucchi, Aloo posto jhal, Bati chor chori, chingri malai curry, macher sorse jhol, kosha mangsho and steam rice.

The fluffy lucchi was  Very soft and authentic. I love eating lucchi with kosha mangsho which was cooked with perfection. Bengali’s love for luchi and the taste of this luchi was pure ecstasy. Luchi is similar to puri; However you can’t call it puri. You need to taste it, to understand the difference! Believe me, you simply can’t stop at 1. Kosha Maangsho is the traditional Bengali mutton curry in a very thick gravy that is slowly cooked until the meat is tender. A Sunday meal that has Kosha maagsho and puri is all one would ever ask for!
  This was “oshadhoron” as they call it in bengali

Aloo Posto jhal was really good and tasted the way it should be. They had added some Kashmiri red chilli to give it colour so that it looks presentable for people in delhi. Aloo posto is a very traditional recipe and some like it without turmeric, some with turmeric. It is a personal choice. Posto bata or paste was perfectly grinded and that is how posto (poppy seeds) sticks to the potatoes. Posto is essential in every Bengali household and no lunch can be complete without Aloo posto and this authentic dish here, passed with flying colors. I would say in Bengali – “Ekdom phata phati”

Macher Sorsho jhol was typical bhetki fish cooked in mustard curry. And it was divine. Every Bengali is born with the divine ability to cook Shorshe Maach and  this too was, what one will find in every household. “Daroon Khete” is all that I can Say!

Bati chorchori was equally good. Chhochori is Bengali dry mixed vegetable and since it is prepared in a pan (bati), it gets the name Bati chorchori. This colorful vegetable preparation uses lots of different vegetables that grow in Bengal. Chochori is not the typical mixed veg that you find in restaurants, it has a Bengali flavor, the divine distinguished aroma of vegetables that will make you wonder – Can mixed veg taste so good and different? You should try this to understand what I meant! – “Maratok” is how I will coin it in Bengali.

Bengali rana is incomplete without sweet dish so we have served sondesh and roshogulla. Sondesh was very fresh and delicious and One of the best roshogulla I have ever had in delhi.

By the time I finished my lunch, must say I was fully satisfied, extremely happy and delightful that finally I found a place in delhi where I can satisfy my Bengali food craving if I have to go out and eat and when my wife refuses to cook! 🙂

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  1. Awesome dude,

    I came through your blog through IndiVine and really like it. I myself is not a Bengali but since I spent my childhood in Bengal only, I like Bengali food too much. Though in my area (Mayur Vihar) I found very less options of Bengali Food, but since my office is nearby KOD, I will definitely try them one day.

    Thanks for sharing this post….

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