The “Inviting” Ambiance : We have already mentioned about the “chic” and “at-home” welcomes that we have felt at Monkey Bar earlier when we went for their main course review.
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  So when we were invited for their Breakfast preview, we really went with some great expectations and of course, MoBar didn’t let us down. We love breakfast, all of us do !!! Its the most important meal of the day and as they say, most easiest meal of the day to cook…But what makes it special at MoBar is the small detailing and efforts they put into each dish, the invention of fusion dishes with thorough stress on using local ingredients, and the mood enhancing colours they serve on the platter…It all makes us want to go there again and again…

Is this the breakfast menu?? : That was the expression on everyone’s face when we saw an elaborate detailed big breakfast menu.

What surprised us was, it was not confined to eggs and bread. The variety was immense. We were quite an early bird, and hence started with a masala chai. Served in a cuttin-chai glass, it had the aroma of spices that surely woke us up from our last night’s buzz!

We started with the Cereal Sundae ( House made Granola with pecan, wheat bran, oats, honey and dried cranberries ). You have the option of adding fresh fruits, and we must say, this was one healthy yummy start!

The Pizza Omlette (Baked 3 egg omlette with a filling of chicken sausage or Italian pork served with Toast and tomato sauce ), The Eggs Benedict ( English muffins topped with ham and poached eggs – The eggetarians have a choice of ordering it with creamy spinach ), and The Garden of Five senses ( Vegetable crepe, stuffed mushrooms, Hash browns, homemade baked beans, grilled tomatoes served with chutney and toast ) are one awesome wholesome breakfast meals true to the saying , ” Have breakfast like a King”

But we simply loved the signature MoBar Burger… It tops up everything else :

We asked for a small portion of Misal Pav ( Being mumbaiites, we couldn’t resist this ) and we loved it. It was not as spicy as served back home, but gave a good variation to the menu. We also tasted one small portion of Biyali ( the traditional Jewish bread served with cream cheese ). For people, who like chewy breads, this one is worth a try !

For beverages, we tried the fresh orange and watermelon juice and the Brownie Cookie Shake. Both we found average, but the drink of the morning to give us a fresh kick ( alcoholic, served only after 11 am ) was The Jade Mojito ( Green apples, Mint and rum )… Freshness is the only word to describe it. For those who are coffee-holics, the Leprechaun’s Vice ( French press black coffee, Irish whiskey and cream ) is a good option.

And of course, how can it all be complete without a sweet tooth? Our recommendation is : Cinnamon and Toffee Pull-Apart Buns ( We drooled over this ), and the Ultimate waffle ( topped with Banana, Nutella and Vanilla Ice-cream )

MoBar again got us smiling like a “Monkey with a banana”, and we recommend it for good food, soothing music, perfect ambiance and the friendly staff. This breakfast will surely give you a Happy Morning 🙂

Monkey Bar

Address : Plot no 11, Upper ground floor, LSC Pocket 6 &7, Vasant Kunj,New Delhi

Ring Ring :  011-30146033

Breakfast timings : 9 am to 1 pm ( only on weekends, i.e Saturday-Sunday )

Breakfast for two : 800-1000 ( approx )

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