MealTango Founders Saket Khanna and Neeta Khanna

History behind MealTango (in Neeta’s words):

It began with a holiday in the UK last year.
Saket and I had the opportunity of dining with a British family at Milton Keynes, on our way to Scotland.

We had tried so many restaurants, but this was the most memorable meal of our trip! We were amazed at their warmth and hospitality.
Back in London, our friends also preferred tucking into a delicious meal in the privacy and comfort of our home.
The company and conversation mattered as much as the lure of a new cuisine.
We wanted others to enjoy authentic cuisine, conversation and local culture – which is why we created MealTango.
Why MealTango:
Imagine you are travelling to Italy. You would like to savour a traditional Italian meal. Wouldn’t it be nice to eat an Italian meal at a local’s home instead of being restricted to restaurants? You would have the promise of a good meal and also the opportunity to meet local residents and get the inside scoop on neighbouring attractions. MealTango makes this possible. 
What is MealTango:
MealTango is a worldwide community that connects friendly hosts with people keen on experiencing local cuisine in a warm home setting.
You can find a number of friendly homes to dine in, across 10 countries.

How it Works:

Browse through meals based on location and filter for cuisines and diets. All hosts are pre-vetted.
View set menus, images, read reviews and get to know the hosts.
Book through the site and get confirmation within 24 hours.
Who Like to Dine:
Food lovers who want the real deal (home food is not bulk prepared or tweaked to taste unless requested; ingredients are hand picked).
Travelers wanting to try the real local fare and get the insider tips from locals
Expats who would like to connect with the locals in a safe setting
Vegans and those on strict dietary regimen can find others who follow their diets (e.g.
Becoming a Host:
For those who love to entertain, they can request to become a host. Hosts need to provide a demo meal before they are accepted. Hosts are accepted based on food, hospitality and hygiene.
MealTango hosts choose what to offer, when they can host, who to host and the price point.
We also have a range of safety features including:
  • Facebook verification
  • LinkedIn verification
  • Email verification
  • Phone number verification
  • Direct messaging between hosts and guests
  • Recommendations to profiles 
  • Reviews for hosts and guests incl private reviews to site
  • Payment collection and verification on site.
We have been fortunate to be featured in the Hindustan Times, Indian Express, and a number of other outlets. Shall be coming on the BBC Good Food Mag next month as well. Over 140 people have been hosted through MealTango, and we have 70+ hosts in 10 countries. With numerous features built in guest verifications and host vetting, we offer a safe and satisfying way to dine.
MealTango’s founders include Oxford Alumnus, User Experience designer and a founding member of (a $35Bn US Travel Firm).
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