When two young energetic and fitness freak get into food business, obviously they will come up with something exciting, Delicious, healthy is Pita Pit. Pita Pit offers delicious, fresh and healthier alternative to other conventional fast food concepts.

Pita Pit is famous Canadian quick service chain opened through master franchisee under the two young entrepreneurs Ishan Dhawan and Anun Dhawan of Mentor Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. The first outlet which they opened in cyberhub in Gurgaon in November 2013 is already making news for it’s fresh, delicious veg and non-veg sandwiches.

Ishann Dhawan, Co-promoter, Pita Pit India says, “There has been a shift in the Indian consumers’ growing interest in health and wellness and our options are tailored specifically to the health-conscious individual who doesn’t want to sacrifice taste for calorie count. With Pita Pit’s motto – Fresh Thinking – Healthy Eating, it was a natural fit to cater to the dire need for a healthier alternative on the go.”

 Pita Pit outlets are famous for fresh made-to-order pita sandwiches. Starting with the customer’s choice of non-vegetarian or vegetarian filling, one can choose from a wide range of salads, freshly grilled meats, spreads, cheeses and zesty sauces – rolled into a unique and convenient package; one can go as health-conscious or indulgent as he/she likes.

 “Select Citywalk was the ideal location to open our first South Delhi restaurant, since it has already established itself as the hangout hub for people of all ages. It is essential to be part of such hubs in order to better gauge the Indian taste and to evolve alongside their palate,” says Anun Dhawan, Co-promoter, Pita Pit India.

Pita is a slightly leavened wheat bread, flat, either round or oval, and variable in size and staple in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food. They have option of white and wheat pita bread. For stuffing they have around 17-18 vegetables, some 11-12 sauces with the option of hummus, babaganoush (eggplant mashed with olive oil and various seasonings)  and tzatziki (Yoghurt mixed with cucumber, garlic). It’s extremely delicious fresh and super healthy too. With the options of bacon , ham smoked chicken and ofcourse the option of extra meat with 6 or 9 inches it is filling and can easy take care of your lunch. . When you come here you will see your vegetables are fresh—there is no brown dried stuff on your lettuce. All the sauces that they use are high quality and they have an abundant range of them. Their lemon cake too is yummy. This is a very healthy start and I am really happy to see that within 3 months they have started their second outlet in Delhi as well.  Very soon they are coming up in GKII with 1400 square feet, a 40 seater place.

If you haven’t been to Pita Pit yet, you must visit them soon. Pita Pit is located at CyberHub and Select City walk(First Floor).

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