I had received an exclusive invite to review food at Harry’s. Harry’s started out as a jazz bar in Boat Quay in Singapore in 1992. From 1992 to 2014 and 25 outlets later, Harry’s has become one of the best of Singapore’s nightlife and bar scene.

When i attended the Chef Bill Marchetti’s master class last year he hinted that he is planning to open pan Asian cuisine restaurant soon in Delhi, and the result is Harry’s Bar. I visited harry’s at Select City walk that was opened on 25th December 2013.
 A sports bar cum a neighborhood pub and an ideal place to unwind yourself with friends, colleagues. While entering I realized that they have kept the ambience simple, comfortable and made sure that the layout gives a good vantage point for TV viewing from all seats.

The bar experience I realized in the end gives you a memorable experience and create a satisfaction that would want you to visit the place at any time. The way they have incorporated lighting, not too loud music, nice décor and comfortable seating all greatly contribute to the ambience and style of this friendly neighbourhood bar and the overall customer experience that is just perfectly and adequately priced!

We tried selected and the best from the menu, given that it takes more than 10 minutes to run through the menu. Nicely priced and hand-picked and since we didn’t have the appetite to take in more, covering just 10% of menu, has created an urge in us to visit again.

7 cocktails and each of them has a unique blendpunch which isn’t too strong, Beers and various drinks are also available on a tall cylindrical jar with tap at the end. Interesting presentation and each table has
Sangira red and white with chopped apple was stellar combinations that will definitely promise to suit your palate. The wine is mild and the savourysweet garnish along with chunks of apple gave a unique flavour. Wine lovers would love this.

Dirty Harry- (Vodka on an ice mist muddled with demerara & lychee) – Demerara, the exotic sugar gives it is sweet taste and the best on the rocks that I had

Eye Candy – (created by Michelle, Harry’s @ Pier Robertson, Singapore)- A very fresh watermelon martini. Mild and the red jazzy color is soothing to the palate

Green Lantern- (created by Nadia, Harry’s @ IBP, Singapore)  – A merry fusion of pineapple, white rum & Midori melon, all shook up. It will dance your care away!

 Harry’s Old fashion- (created by Roy Lim, Harry’s @ Boat Quay, Singapore) Intense orange peel & caramel infused scotch on ice with a hint of bitters. This one gives you high and is strong. Of all the mild drinks that I had, this came as a pleasant surprise!

 Caramel & Popcorn Martini- Utterly delicious, just like it says! A must try – This unusual cocktail tastes just like caramel popcorn. It’s made with liquid popcorn, butterscotch schnapps and vodka. The Poprocks on the rim put the pop back into the popcorn

Singapore Sling- A Singapore icon of gin, cherry brandy, pineapple & lime in a sling! This drink is sweet and gives you a relaxing sensation

Chatka Marry- Spicy guava with a twist of infused vodka. – A spicy drink with a kadak tadka, more like a desi mary!

Each cocktail had a unique taste, interesting combination, well blended ingredients and the passion that follows post the drink I something one has to feel! A little low on alcohol for heavy drinkers, however given the value for money and the taste, I enjoyed each sip! I covered the drinks, however along with each drink we kept trying starters and post that main course and desert as an icing to all the great meal and experience that we had.

Harry’s Jazz Burger- Juicy mutton patty, sauted onions, mushroom, bacon & cheese served with fries & pickled vegetables. This is a huge burger and the meat is succulent, juicy. A must try for this in house special. One may want to skip burgers, however we find burgers too stuffed and less meat – Harry’s jazz burger has all the meat content you are looking for

Harry’s Fish n  Chips- Batter fried basa with fries served along with remoulade & aioli dip. The French and the provencal dip added more flavor to the soft and fresh fish. Feasting on the crispy batter and the soft fish was a sheer delight.

Maple Spare Ribs- Pot roasted pork spare ribs, tossed in maple star anise glaze. – Sweet from the maple and the  tender meat  gives an exotic taste.

Pattya Fish Finger- Golden fried fish fingers tossed in cracked black pepper, garlic, soy & green onion. – One will easily find in local street food of Thailand. They have used basa and was adequately spicy
Paneer Pudina Malai Tikka- Creamed cottage cheese, basil, marinate, chargrilled to perfection. Nothing extraordinary, but definitely enough to delight veg lovers.

Thai Chicken green Curry- Spiced chicken green curry served with steamed rice. This was for the main course. Chicken was tender and if you love Thai food, you will not be disappointed.

Baked vanilla Cheese Cake- Baked cheese cake layered with lemon curd. A rich and creamy baked cheese cake with tinge of lemon completes your entire food experience!

Our visit to Harry had been memorable, nice and staff had been very courteous to help us understand the idea behind each dish and were open enough to take suggestions. We would love to go to this friendly neighbor bar to unwind our self!

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