Made in Punjab, Cyber Hub Gurgaon – An experience beyond words

Jalebi and Rabri

A lot has been said about Made in Punjab, so it was obvious for me to visit and try the food.My visit to MIP had been the best start of new year. Brilliantly cooked food which not only looked extremely presentable, but also insanely delicious. Best lassi, Palak chaat and the amazing soft mutton chaap that just melts, Mutton seekh that had the right spices and also very succulent, grilled fruit chaat, grilled Salmon cooked in Indian spices.
Each dish seemed to be handcrafted with its creativity and unique blend of flavor, aroma and spices.
 I am very picky specifically around Butter chicken, given that I cook at home as well and my friends and family love it. However the butter chicken that I had at MIP, made me realize that if I had not tasted their butter chicken, I would have missed life’s best butter chicken. I have insisted for its recipe, given my romance with this dish that has been for ages!
MIP’s Dal Makhni can easily beat Bukhara dal and Railway mutton curry had an aristocratic taste and guchchi pulao, a delicately seasoned pulao which seemed like a perfect indulgence.

In Desserts I had Super crisp and thin jalebi in rabri and Gulab Jamun that was filled with chocolate and khoya.

MIP is a place where every dish had a perfect blend and not just great but perfect in every way!!.

Besides the amazing lunch, I enjoyed the company of Zorawar Kalra. It was an honor and pleasure meeting him. He is a very enthusiastic, energetic, passionate entrepreneur and full of life. I didn’t realize that we spent almost 4 hours

A Friday afternoon well spent in the company of some brilliant people, great food at a great place.

Wishing all the best to the entire team of MIP. Looking forward to visit MIP Mumbai and Masala Library.

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2 thoughts on “Made in Punjab, Cyber Hub Gurgaon – An experience beyond words

  1. Mathlesh Kumar

    I don't think MIP is that good. I have been there and the food was not that good. I tried a la carte and Buffet.


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