broccoli and kafir lime shorba with brie and truffle naan
When I got the invite for chef’s table at Masala Art, I was thrilled and super excited. Chef Hemant Oberoi is probably india’s best chef. His idea and innovation has made Masala Art, one of the finest restaurant in Asia. I have been to Masala Art couple of times, in past and always had great experience. Taj been known for their unparalleled and unmatched hospitality.
crab masaledar in fio, Bhatti ka jhinga and bachao seabass

I reached there on time at 12.30 and was warmly greeted by their Director PR.  While I was waiting for event to start, I was told that they are waiting for other people to arrive. It was disappointing to see that folks didn’t arrive on time. Disrespectful for those who come on time and even for the organizers.

I can’t complain about service as it was delayed due to folks arriving late and poured in at different timings.
To Start with, the welcome drink, I chose Fresh Lemon water (salted). I also tasted fresh sugar cane juicethat was refreshing. It’s good to see that it is still served given that nowadays we think twice before having it from roadside. Post this, we had broccoli and kafir lime shorba with brie and truffle naan. Fresh and a refreshing minty flavor to enlighten the mood. We were also served Italian Pinot Griggio (wine) – wonderfully crisp and aromatic.
In the seafood course, we had crab masaledar in fio, Bhatti ka jhinga and bachao seabass. I was very impressed with the seabass preparation, the mild sweet taste with little bit of spice gives very different and unique. The debone crab meat and jhinga was perfectly  cooked and very balanced. The best dish of the day for me was haleemi gilawat, it was very different from the normal gilawat kebab we eat everywhere and was amazingly delicious, I infact asked them for another kebab J which they served happily. And this course was served with Pinot Noir. 
Ghee roast chicken with urlai roast, beans porial

Then came the main course – Ghee roast chicken with urlai roast, beans porial and gosht akhrot biryani and daal. Ghee roast chicken is mangalore speciality and generally served with accompaniment which was grilled potato, daal and beans porial. It was good especially when you eat chicken with the peanut chutney. Chicken was cooked perfectly and had a mild and very balanced taste of spices. The mutton biryani was really good and perfectly blended rice with cooked mutton

And in the end it was dessert. Though I usually skip dessert whenever I dine out; however I am glad that I didn’t skip desserts this time. Gajar ka halwa filo cigars i.e Gajar ka halwa served in filo cigars gave it a crispy and unique taste. We also had Malt covered Kulfithat had chocolate flavor. I congratulated the chef for this amazing desert

I interacted with Chef and it was interesting to know his thought process behind the menu. A gem of a person he is! This is probably one of the finest place where you can get Indian food which has excellent touch of authenticity with creativity from the Genius Chef Oeroi.
I must thank the entire team of Masala Art for such an awesome food. I would definitely be going back again and again and would love to try some of his signature dishes.

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