I have never been a fan of ready to eat packaged food. Being a cook and foodie I always love to cook. So when FBAI and GITS sent me a box of Git’s Ready Meal eat dal makhni and veg biryani I was little hesitant. Gits is a well-known brand in India for their gulab jamun, idli and other mixes. Their gulab jamun mix is still my favorite.

Me and my wife with a lot of hesitation decided to try it out on Sunday night.

Packaging of the product is great and cooking instructions is pretty simple. You can either microwave or put the packet in boiling water. It took us five minutes for the product to be ready. The Aroma was lovely and we didn’t add cream or butter to dal makhani as we wanted it to taste it the way it is. When we took the first spoon – I was floored!! It was delicious, had the right flavor and had the authentic taste. It was more of like – WOW – I didn’t know packaged and ready-made food would taste this good. I felt this was economical and good to have in your kitchen, incase you are in no mood to cook or shell out large amount from your pocket.

I am sure if you add butter or Cream the flavor and taste will be enhanced. And of course if you had to prepare Dal makhani at home and get all your ingredients together it will take time. Gits ready to eat Dal makhani is a quick readymade food to amaze your taste buds. Biryani too was good and the quality of rice used is of good quality. Though I didn’t like the potato in biryani, however the spices and condiments gave the perfect aroma and taste of homemade biryani.

Gits provides ready to cook instant foods that cover the entire course of ethnic Indian cuisine. They give you fine blend of traditional indian spices and with every bite you wouldn’t feel that it isn’t homemade. These is a quick option for those looking for ready-to-eat meals and enjoy great food without any complicated cooking

I would certainly recommend Gits ready Meal packaged food to everyone. Price of Dal Makhni and Veg Biryani was INR 59 each.
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  1. Can we get this daal makhni in Delhi??
    I just tried it …though I bought it from Dubai but it tastes fantastic…

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