maneesh srivastva, lifestyle blogger and photographer,, fish curry, fish curry in mustard past, bihari fish curry , sarson wali fish Fish has always been my favorite, whether it’s sea fish or fresh water fish. Each fish evokes unique preparation and has a different flavor and you realize this, if you are an avid fish eater! This preparation of Rohu fish in mustard gravy in particular, is my personal favorite and I have been relishing it since my childhood. If I walk down the memory lane, I still remember my grand mom using sil batta to grind all the masalas into a very fine paste and making this dish absolutely delicious and perfect. My mom makes it in similar way. I learnt the same technique from them, however I feel, I haven’t achieved the perfection yet! This fish curry tastes better if eaten with plain boiled rice. However I prefer to eat with plain paratha. Enjoy the fish and let me know your feedback.


Fish – Rohu 1kg,  Marinate it with salt, chilli and turmeric powder for 10 minutes and Shallow fry them.

Yellow Mustard seed  -50gm

Coriander seeds – 50 gm

Garlic 12 -15 cloves – It enhances the flavor. If you do not like using Garlic, you can take lesser cloves

Ginger – 10 gm

Salt  – as per your taste

Turmeric powder – as per your taste

Tomato – 5-6 chopped

Mango pickle  2-3

Fenugreek seeds – 10-12

Asafetida (hing) – pinch

maneesh srivastva, lifestyle blogger and photographer,, double tree hilton gurgaon, asia live restaurant, andhra food trail (5)

Make a paste of mustard, coriander, garlic, ginger and turmeric powder…add little water when you are grinding it. This should be a fine paste. Add water till you are able to attain smooth paste

Add 200 gms of mustard oil in Kadai (pan). Add fenugreek seeds and hing. Add the paste (and salt according to taste)  and sauté till oil separates. Add tomato and continue to stir , till the mixture becomes little dry. Add water and allow it to boil. Add 2pieces of mango pickle (we need sour pickles), fish and boil along till you achieve constituency of thick gravy. Do not boil for more than 15 minutes, after you have added fish, as the pieces may break.

You will love the aroma and Color of this preparation. Little Pungent and different from your regular fish gravy and you will definitely crave for more J



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