Karnataka Food Centre, Moti Bagh

Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu gives you a diversified flavor of South India Cuisine and little do we know that though most of the dishes are common – typically – Dosa, Utthapam, Vada, Idli and Sambar to name a few ,known amongst the vegetarian dishes, yet each region renders a unique taste and spiciness.  Most of us like south Indian food and visit various places to curb the urge of relishing south Indian delicacies. I have been also a very big fan of south Indian food and have been to most of the places in delhi/ncr.
I have picked up couple of places which I feel are really good place and serve authentic stuff. They are not very expensive, nor would you relate them to t fine dining places but the original flavor that one would get in visiting down South is something, you will find here. 

If you haven’t been to these places I will surely recommend you to visit. I have enjoyed eating at these places and keep frequenting the place often. I eat south Indian food, typically every week and I keep looking out for new places.. So if you come across any such place please let me know and also share your Review.

   Karnataka food Centre,  Moti bagh – I had heard a lot about their typical kannad meal. As a state their food tastes have influence of Either North or South Karnataka, Coastal region, udipi  or Coorg. We had not been to this place until this year and one fine morning decided to venture and try out our love for SOUTH INDIAN food.  It’s very simple place, no fancy indoor not eye candy interior. We ordered masala Dosa, Rawa idli, Mysore masala dosa and butter milk. I didn’t enjoy Sambar as it didn’t have enough veggies and it had thin consistency. Dahi vada wasn’t upto my expectations. Rest of the food had been satisfying and overall the experience was good. Not a very expensive place and meal for 2 would cost around 250-300INR. I would definitely love to visit this place again
Mathew’s Cafe
            Mathew’s café, R.K.Puram – This roadside café serves south Indian food. No sitting arrangement. There are couple of tables where you can eat  standing or pull your car aside and eat inside your car. Very simple and economical food. The reason I frequent this place is because their food is always fresh, pocket friendly. I would recommend veg korma and Parotta which I find very delicious and my favorite and you can try other regular dosas and vada and idlis. If you have no problem eating at roadside café then you should visit this place for once.
       Navedyam, Hauz Khas – This is better version of Karnataka food Centre. Both owned by same owner. This is more of fine dining place. I enjoy their Thali. Their dosas are also very good. Nothing outstanding though but it’s quite good place to eat South indian food.
Sarvana Bhawan

        Sarvana Bhawan – This is probably one of the most famous and crowded south indian food joint in delhi after sagar ratna. I have been here couple of times. Their dosas are good but idlis are very average. Their coconut chutney always failed to impress me. We also ate pooris, however the veg korma was average. Unique way of serving lemon soda – something I wouldn’t want to order again – Lime Juice in a glass. Sugar and Salt palced beside and a soda bottle for you to do all the MIXING. Their service is average and they are always in hurry to clean your table which I feel sometimes makes customer uncomfortable.

Sagar Ratna Defence Colony
       Sagar Ratna, Defense Colony – I have been eating at sagar ratna for a very long time. Have been to their most of the outlet and found that they are very inconsistent in quality. I have stopped visiting their other outlets and confined myself only to their Defense Colony branch, which I found good till sometimes back.  My favorites at this place has always been Thali, Mysore masala dosa, Dahi vada( which I feel is the best in town), butter masala dosa and coconut rawa masala dosa. Last few visits had not been satisfying and hence I feel that they haven’t been able to maintain the quality. Last time I found Poori had high salt content. Same was with butter masala dosa. I asked them to replace it; however didn’t find any change. Though I still feel their service is pretty quick and restaurant is very clean and wish they could maintain their quality, that they had few years ago. I may want to go again for their DAHI vadas
Carnatic Cafe NFC
       Carnatic Café, NFC – This is newly found south indian place. Small area with sitting arrangements of 5-6 tables.  Very simple interior, no fuss. When we were ordering food, he said we should try their signature Dosa Malleshwaram 18th cross, along with Idli and gunpowder dosa. I simply love their food. Dosa was perfectly cooked and was delicious. It was thick and full of butter but taste was simply awesome. Idli was full of vegetables, fluffy and soft. Samber had loads of vegetables and tasted great. Finally after months of searching for good south indian food I found this place. I found their food simply awesome. I would love to go there again to try their other dishes as well. I felt this has been the best discovery so far  I highly recommend this place to everyone.

Please visit these places and share your views. I would love to hear from you.

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