Grilled fillet of manali trout with caramelized onion, crushed potato and herb Gremolata

How do you react when you get invite to taste the menu of your favorite restaurant in town??? Yes when I received email last week – I jumped with delight. It was an invitation from Lodi – The Garden Restaurant to taste their new summer menu.
This is by far one of my favorite restaurants in Delhi. One of finest dinning place with the most romantic ambience. I wrote review on Lodi earlier too and here is the link :
At Lodi, GM Marketing greeted and explained about the new summer menu concept, company’s future plans and shared details around their mango festival ( it’s seasonal festival where they prepare some of the dishes from the seasonal fruits and they keep innovating  – I will share later, the details on  mango festival).  We discussed around their signature dishes, quality control to which they give top priority as their restaurant is a brand in itself. Staff were very courteous and open to feedback and were open to understand customer’s perspective. We decided to start with their recommendation.
I started withMocktails  
Skin glow – A lovely peach colored drink with a sophisticated combination of aloe vera juice, ginger and lemon. The pungent taste of ginger and soft flavor of aloe makes it a very refreshing drink
Two for Love – Foam of Apple and a sweet and sour combination of mango and orange makes it all the more compelling.
Next on the Entrée was Soup and Salads
Chilled Mango with yoghurt – I adored this cold soup which seem to be perfect on a hot summer. Cold soups are tricky and it’s a perfect blend, it gives that rare artistic taste that a mango lover can define
Fresh Asparagus with mint Soup– This simmering soup was light, fresh and gave the taste of spring ..err maybe summer, The mint flavor added a new dimension and gave a zingy flavor
Smoked Chicken with fresh coconut and sesame oil salad – Distinct flavor with their secret ingredients, turned out to be my favorite
Avocado and Mango Salad – I loved this light hued salad that features fresh mango and Avocado with vinegar dressing. It was more addictive and I still crave to have more
Candied Walnut gorgonzola and mixed lettuce with honey lemon Salad – Sweet candied walnut and Salty Gorgonzola cheese with a pleasant sour taste is a lovely change from the regular salads and am sure will be a big hit. This fibre rich recipe is sure to delight your senses and tantalize your taste buds.
I was already stuffed and pleased with salads and now it was time to dig onto the Main Course
Chicken breast stuffed with farm spinach and cheddar served with herb rice and white wine mushroom sauce – This was extra ordinary and looked elegant. More like dressed to please your appetite. Perfectly cooked chicken with their mild herbs, soft, succulent and cooked with perfection. The sauce was amazing and it complimented the stuffing. I felt they could do a little better with their herb rice. The feedback was noted.
Pumpkin ravioli with burnt butter and house Pesto  – Delicious Combo, A versatile dish with an unusual taste. Tender Pumpkin stuffed ravioli had a sweet and salty flavor with a strong basil flavor. This recipe will reignite your love for pumpkin!!
Grilled fillet of manali trout with caramelized onion, crushed potato and herb Gremolata– Chef recommended me to try this with white wine. Fish was delicious and fresh and mildly herbed which gave it a rich taste without overshadowing the humble fish.
With all these, I also tasted Cocktails
Mojito with watermelon – Ruby red hue and a sweet flavour infusion is amazing for a boozy summer!
Mango Cosmopolitan– If you love mangoes, you will love this twist of cosmopolitan
Cold FusionCocktail with basil and lemon, A chilled fragrant lemony drink to lift your spirits.
They also served the side dishes pita with humus and garlic bread with cheese and herbs. Humus was fresh and Pita was soft. Garlic bread was crunchy yet soft- I enjoyed every dish that was presented. Then came the best part of the menu – Desserts
Mango Cheese Cake and Chocolate Mousse – Heavenly – is all that I can say. You would just go Yummmmmmmmmmmm……….( I don’t like chocolate desserts – I have a personal disliking – however chocolate mousse, that I had here, I would definitely love to have it again)
I was told that they have their own organic farms where they produce organic vegetables and fruits and these mangoes that they used in the ingredients were from their own organic farms. Infact all the fruits and vegetables they use are organic. They also have a small shop inside the restaurant where they sell fresh jams, marmalade and other things made from organic fruits.
I felt honored, delighted and carried back amazing taste of different food. To me it seemed that the summer menu is handpicked, as they say “Chef’s recommendation”. I believe it will be difficult to decide what not to have, if you have to pick and order. One would love going again and again until summer lasts to dwell in the everlasting refreshing taste that comes with each bite and gives you a heavenly feeling. Lodi – The garden restaurant, not just serves good food, it serves the most authentic and choicest dishes that leaves you yearning for more every time! I felt – I wish I could have had more appetite.
I wish all the best to Lodi restaurant staff and their management for making a cool summer menu and I am sure that this is going to add to the delightful experience that their customers will get!! Kudos to the team!!
Chicken breast stuffed with farm spinach and cheddar served with herb rice and white wine mushroom sauce

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