When multilevel parking started in Sarojini Nagar, it was expected that there are possibilities of opening, couple of outlets to have visitors another option to eat different food. When I went there yesterday night, I found this new outlet Chatime.

I was interested in that outlet because it was new and had never heard about it before. The outlet – Chaitime had a story about different type of tea which has a unique BUBBLE – Bubble tea!!.

According to their facebook pageChatime’s (India) vision is to create a market for bubble tea, a unique drink for everyone from kids to families and the young, health-conscious hipster. Our designer outlets are perfect for hanging out or getting a drink to go. We aim to open at least 150 such stylish stores over the next 5 years across India. To be one of the best franchisor selling a wide range of beverages supported with quality customer service. Bubble tea is a frothy, sweetly flavored tea drink from Taiwan. The drink is infused with different flavorings, shaken to create bubbles and served in a clear cup, often over tapioca pearls. Unlike other bubble tea selling chains, our teas are fresh, brewed on the site. We do not use pre-made teas from factories or use non-dairy creamer. That is the reason our tea has more flavor and fragrance which makes tea drinking a unique experience at Chatime. Chatime offers a variety of bubble milk teas, smoothies, juices, mousses, fresh teas, QQ jellies and other great drinks to explore.
Their menu has at least 100 varieties including fresh tea, QQ,smoothie, coffee, snowflake and juices. I asked them that as I am here for the first time what would he suggest for me and my son to drink, he suggested us to try Taiwan Mango QQ for my son and Japanese Genmaicha. Taiwan mango QQ has lemon, mango and bubbles along with coconut. It has very smooth and refreshing. The Japanese tea was very tasty and full of flavor.

I was very happy to try their product, will visit them again to try their other items on their menu. As summer is approaching it is nice to have good outlets like this , where they serve some really good refreshing drinks. What a relief!!

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