Nizam Kathi Roll – Connaught Place, New Delhi

Nizam, CP

Would like to clarify that the food reviews shared here are completely based on my personal likes and dislikes. Of course I shell out money from my precious pocket for the meals that I eat in any of the restaurants. And since these reviews are based on my taste and theory of perfection, you may agreedisagree with it.

Me and my wife love Nizam kathi rolls and while we were dating, this was the place we would visit when we had considerable pocket money and later, when we started earning, we would treat ourselves to this place. Yesterday I went to CP with my friends for a movie and decided to go to Nizam’s post watching movie. I have always preferred their mutton biryani, mutton curry and luqmi parantha. I ordered Double meant and double Egg kathi Roll. People avoid rolls at times here as it is oily, however you can try their option of Rumali Roti as a roll. The oily stuff doesn’t bother me as I love the taste of the stuff that we have in the roll. However yesterday I was disappointed as the mutton was undercooked, dry and hard. It wasn’t the usual spicy and was tasteless.
The next I ordered was luqmi parantha and mutton curry that was amazing!! Perfectly cooked and the spicy flavor still lingers on my mind.
Double Meat Double Egg Roll

We also orderd Mutton Biryani – my all time favorite and it carries the same aroma and delicious flavor with mutton cooked to perfection! Biryani is served with Raita which is thick and rich combination of sweetness and sourness

Overall I would say that Legendary Nizam’s kathi roll have lost their charm over the years, if I go by my experience with their mutton roll , however  their mutton curry and biryani had been the usual good stuff. Not sure if it was just one time disappointment with the Roll or has it really been bad these days.

This leaves me with the question I always have in my mind –  Is the quality deteriorating or as a foodie my taste buds have high expectations! What do you think about quality of restaurants that you have visited time and again? Do you find the same taste and flavor?  I would love to know from you…

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