This is a small joint in the food court of DLF Promnade Mall – vasant Kunj.  I take my son to kiddyland and after my son has played to his satisfaction, we got to food court to fill our tummy. Last week, I noted a small joint – Flip Pizzeria  that was serving Pizzas.
I was a little reluctant in trying it out, however I noticed that they were serving wood oven pizzas.  Me and my son love pizza that my wife prepares at home or we prefer Italian thin crust pizzas

When I got my pizza I was equally surprised and happy to find thin, fresh loaded with veggies. The first bite had a refreshing taste and you could feel mozzarella melting in your mouth. It was crunchy, crispy and yummilicious. While I was enjoying the Pizza, my son took couple of bites and said –  “ Papa bahut yummy hai “

I highly recommend you to try their wood oven Pizzas – A different flavor – a distinct taste and the crispiness lifts your spirits!! Worth a try!!
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