Lemon Soda – The Cool Drink | Prince Lemon Soda R. K. Puram. New Delhi

Lemon soda or Lemonade or lemon or kanche – these are the various names you might have heard when you roam around in Delhi during summer. I believe this drink is one of the most popular and cheapest cold drink you will find anywhere. And the best part is that it’s available everywhere, every nook and corner. I have tried it everywhere from old Delhi to east to west to south. This shop has always been my favorite place for lemon soda and I have been visiting since last 11 years.

Typically we prepare shikanji or shikanjvi or Nimbu pani at home. However lemon Soda on a hot afternoon has a sizzling as well as cooling effect. You can also prepare it at home with club Soda, Rock salt, Black pepper, Chat masala, Pudina and fresh lemon juice. The concentration and spices vary according to taste.

Well the shop that I am referring to is located right opposite Sangam Cinema in R. K. Puram, one of the oldest single screen theaters in Delhi. Earlier there were lots of small stalls offering Chinese and Indian food, but they have been closed due to renovation of the theater. This shop used to serve lemon soda earlier in Disposable plastic cups, however now they have revamped their style by serving in small pet bottles, however the taste remains unchanged.
Prince Pan Stall as it is called is also very famous serving awesome pans and has different flavors. I love their pan too and will write about their pan later.
The lemon soda or nimbu masala is made of soda, lemon puree and their special tangy masala which gives it a great flavor. The cost is INR 20 per bottle, pretty economical and gives a refreshing taste.
So if you happen to be in that area I would recommend you must visit this place, and even if you aren’t around, it’s worth visiting and trying out their lemon soda. Another note – they have 5 variations of lemon soda (Different flavors – I haven’t tried those though)
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