Urad Dal Ki Kachori with Kathal ki Subzi (Stuffed Flaky Deep fried bread of Split Skinned Black Gram and Curry of  raw cooked jackfruit). I didn’t realize that English version of this dish will sound complicated. Well This week each portion of my meal is going to be purely Mom ke haath ka khana( Food made by my mother).

We’ve all heard the line that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”  I have a different version to this. It’s not just about “MAN”. Who doesn’t love a great meal especially when someone cooks it for you? So I prefer saying – the way to ALSO win a man’s heart is to learn the dish his mom preparesprepared for him. My wife says – It’s ALSO one of the ways to win a WOMAN’s heart. And I completely agree to this.
Back at home, here  in Bihar – I love bargaining and going out with my Mom to buy vegetables or pluck some fresh ones from our kitchen Garden. My mom knows all the list of preparations that I would love having and plans MENU accordingly.
So today it was Urad Dal ki Kachori and Kathal ki Sabzi.
The crispy pooris are a treat and as it gets cooked, the aroma and taste of the spicy dal lingers in your mouth.
Urad Dal ki kachori from my Mom’s kitchen…..
For the filling:
         Urad Dal 1 cup 
         red Chillies and Green Chillies – According to taste
         Ginger,finely chopped  1 inch piece
·         6-8 garlic Cloves 
         Cumin seeds,coarsely powdered  1 teaspoon
Soak dal overnight and Throw away the water.  Mix with Dal all the above ingredients. Grind as a coarse paste without adding water. Heat 100 gms oil in kadai – add pinch of hing (asafotedia) .
Cook and Simmer till the whole paste turns dry.
For the dough:
Knead a soft and stiff dough with maida,oil and water and keep aside for 15 minutes. Take medium sized rolls from the dough and roll it gently with the rolling pin.

Place 2 tsps of the urad dal filling in the center of the rolled dough. Cover the filling with the dough by slowly stretching it over the filling. Seal the ends and remove excess dough, Roll gently again with rolling pin. Heat some oil for deep frying,fry the kachoris in batch in medium high flame. Cook for about4 to 7 minutes till they  turn  golden brown.

Kathal ki Subzi can be cooked the way you prefer cooking your Chicken or Muttton gravy– Add the same spices.
The only important point here is:
Remember to Oil your hand and Knife well before cutting jackfruit as Oil prevents hands from getting sticky and itchy. Then cut one of the half into big pieces and remove the thorny green skin part  Remove the centre stalk too(thick part) and chop into small pieces.  In boiling water add Salt and put the cut fruit and cook for 15 minutes till it gets tender. Drain the water.
Cut potato into similar size. Sprinke Cumin and Coriander powder on Potato as well as the drained jackfruit pieces
Heat the oil and fry the pieces over high heat, till light brown. Drain and set aside.
The remaining part – I cook it with onion- tomato- Garlic – Garam masala – the way I would cook my mutton and will also pressure cook it.
Next Time I will add an elaborate version of Echor er Dalna ( Echor is Jackfruit in Bengali)

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