On March 18th , 2013 McDonald restaurants in Asia , the middle east and south Africa will be offering one free McMuffins per customer during breakfast hours in each of their restaurant.
Vikaram Bakshi JV partner and Managing Director of McDonald’s India (North and East)
If you struggle and run out of time for breakfast, take your breakfast with you and eat it on-the-go or at work. Breakfast increases metabolism and is the secret of staying healthy and happy! As long as you eat, breakfast provides nutrients that will act as a fuel and provide you energy and enthusiasm to run your chores. Keeping this in Mind, Vikaram Bakshi JV partner and Managing Director of McDonald’s India (North and East) shared that they want to inculcate good eating habits and want to demonstrate to their customers that their breakfast options are affordable and tasty way to start the day and brighten your mood. The idea is to encourage people to have breakfast even if they are in a hurry. 
Quick service (60 seconds to deliver order) at McDonalds is here to help you grab your quick bite so that even if you are in a hurry – A one stop at McDonald will save you from your breakfast worry!
Come and get your Free McMuffin at McDonalds on their National Breakfast Day on 18th March 2013 across India
Timing –  8AM-11AM
Breakfast is an investment for your health that you should start making! Have a great start to a great morning.
Don’t be a Breakfast skipper, be an Energy Chipper!!
Me and Mr. Vikram
For more information on McDonald’s Breakfast Day and to locate the McDonald’s Breakfast Restaurant nearest to you, please visit http://www.mcdonaldsindia.com/
To know about nutritions about McDonald food: http://www.mcdonaldsindia.com/nutrition.html
Mc Donald India invited Bloggers to discuss about their national breakfast day which is on 18th march 2013. They are also coming up with a new menu in April. STAY TUNED!

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