Bihar Utsav at INA Dilli Haat

On the occasion of 101th Bihar Foundation Day” Bihar Govt. with the help of Bihar State Trade Organization is celebrating Bihar Ustav 2013 from 16th-30th march at Dilli Haat (INA and Pitam Pura)

Here you will find all the local handicrafts and handloom products from Bihar; like Bhagal Puri Silk, Mithila Paintings and Motihari Terracota products. To attract visitors there are around 10-12 food stalls where they are showcasing famous cuisines from Bihar. Litti chokha, chena murgi, khaja, pedukia, thekua, mutton curry chicken curry, fish curry….these delicacies cover various regions of Bihar and are cooked in traditional spices. It’s good chance to try some famous Bihari delicacies. If you haven’t tried litti before, go grab a bite!  I would suggest try litti with chicken curry and you will love it. Chena Murgi and Bachkas (pakora) too are worth giving a try!

Chena Murgi

Chicken curry and litti

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