Ambience matters a lot when it comes to choosing a place to eat. Some would prefer rock bands; some would go for a quiet place, mystic, romantic – choices differ and so do view.
It also doesn’t mean that if Ambience isn’t good – you will not find good food. And here I am talking about Andhra Bhawan. If you love South Indian and prefer digging into Thalis, then Andhra bhawan canteen is a must visit. Unlimited Vegetarian Thali for INR 100 is worth a deal. The hustle bustle, clinking of spoons, people rustling to serve,  itself has a unique entity to it. This place reminds me of college mess. The place is crowded, however they manage to provide quick service.
Andhara bhawan canteen as the name suggests is Andhra bhawan state canteen located on 1. Ashoka road. It’s typical canteen, which has about 100 + seating arrangements. They serve breakfast/lunch and dinner. During weekdays they offer veg thali that has a vegetarian dish veg, daal, Curd,  halwa , rasam and Sambar.  One can also place order separately for  chicken, mutton and fish curry. On Sundays they serve chicken biryani which is popular. The non veg side dishes are very well cooked.  I would recommend to try mutton curry and mutton fry along with chicken curry.

Authentic Spices of Andhra and taste of South India can be enjoyed if you are looking for something other than your regular Dosa-idli.

My recommendation : You must visit this place at least twice, one for veg thali and another one for biryani 🙂

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  1. Hi Maneesh

    Your write up was really helpful. Had a enjoyable time while reading about food. It clearly seems that we share a similar interest of food. You can also enjoy some Canteen snacks at Delhi University. I am sure you will have a good read

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