Let’s start at the very beginning… A very good place to start… When you read you begin with ABC….When you EAT you begin with ………???

Yes, this is about BREAKFAST!!!  The meal you can’t afford to skip. So, what comes to your mind when it comes to breakfast? Which is the place you prefer going for breakfast? Of course our day begins at home, but then when it comes to rushing out for various reasons…….for an Indulgent meal or for your Morning Meetings or to catch up with a client or to take your family out… The reason can be anything!

Do you try looking out for a new place or do you stick to the same tried and tested place?  What goes on in your mind???

For me, when it comes to breakfast first thing that comes in my mind is what do I eat? Breakfast may begin with juice, cereals, fresh fruits but my preference of a Full breakfast is bacon and pancakes. They are accompanied by sausages, grilled tomato, hash brown potatoes and marmalade. This combination of English breakfast drives me to All American Diner.

I love this place not for just its sumptuous Bacon and pancakes but I love their ambience, their service (though sometimes it takes time during heavy rush) and the Cool environment which actually makes my dayJ. If you are planning to go there on weekend which you should go because they have recently started breakfast buffet, which is very good indeed. I have been there nth times, on weekdays, on weekends, with friends, with family, with my clients. This is one of my favorite places in Delhi till date.

Location of this place is also very appealing. It’s in the India Habitat Centre building at lodhi road, Spread over nine acres in the heart of New Delhi, IHC has a built up area of approximately one million square feet. It incorporates innovative new technologies in building management systems, conference systems, communication and energy conservation, creating probably the most intelligent ecofriendly building in the country. This is very fascinating! I have attended couple of events here like activities for entertainment including dance & music renditions, theater, movies, art exhibitions, talks, walks, workshops and children’s events.

All American Diner has a retro American look, with seating arrangements inside and outside of the restaurant. It also has bar and counter seating, however on weekends, it is difficult to find a table for yourself. It’s one of the finest places in Delhi to have awesome food. This place is really well priced with good food. They have the best pan cakes, best bacons and best sausages. One of my favorite breakfast menu is “Sunrise skillet” which has pan cakes, sausages, bacons and scrambled eggs.
I often end up over indulging myself with extra sausages and bacons.  Their hotdogs are incomparable. One shouldn’t miss the HOT DOG Festival. So if you are based in Delhi or travelling to Delhi all American diner is one place which you should not miss. I can go on as I am passionate about this place and I can get a drink or 2 here, to lift my spirits- Do visit this place –


Highly recommended!!


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  1. It is definitely a must try, haven't tried as yet though. But the way, you have described it, makes it very tempting. I love Hot dogs, when is the HOT DOG festival?


  2. over the past few years AAD has lost a lot of its shine. pancakes with maple syrup, eggs to order with sides of bacon and hash and grilled tomatoes, french toast, milk shakes, and coffee of course were once really good..

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