The Best Makhni (Butter Chicken) I have ever eaten | Recipe from “Prashad” Jiggs Kalra’s book

Makhni gravy..this is paneer
Butter Chicken is one of the most popular curry dishes in north India especially in Punjab and Delhi/NCR and its origin can be traced back to North West frontier Punjab. It’s intriguing to always read the details and origin of a food and each of them have its own story to share.
Various versions of this recipe exist and each is unique in its own way. The one that serves my platter is the perfect recipe and easy to cook. Chicken can also be replaced with Paneer for veg lovers.

You will enjoy the aroma and flavor and wouldn’t prefer eating outside if you love cooking and dwelling in the aroma of Kasturi Methi and real butter and Cream………indulging enough!!
I love this recipe with Roasted Chicken and hence sharing the recipe where you will find the Chicken moist and Succulent as well.

Here is the recipe of the makhni :
it’s very simple.

Mix and reduce to a sauce like consistency:
Tomatoes (1k), water (1l), ginger paste (10g), garlic paste (10g), green chili (5), red chili powder (5g), cloves (8), green cardamom (7) and salt.
Puree when done (fish out cloves and cardamom) and bring to boil.
Add 150g butter, 150g cream, 10g kasuri methi.
mix with chicken/paneer as required.

 This recipe is from the book called ” Prasad ” Cooking with Indian Masters by J Inder Singh Kalra (Jiggs Kalra).


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