My passion for food has been very personal and Off late I realized that I should start penning down and share my passion through this blog with my friends and families and with folks who share an equal ravenous delight for food. In this blog I will be sharing my personal experiences about various cuisines that I have tasted or the restaurants that have I gorged on and the small wonders that I prepared at home. This page will also have some of the cuisine I have tried at home. I am very passionate about cooking and It can be a simple Dal Chawal that may turn out to be delectable. So this is it – Welcome to my world – My fellow Gourmands!!!

I have been big fan of rajma curry  since i moved to Delhi in 1998. Surprisingly Rajma had never been prepared at home.  Nehru place, the biggest hub of IT market in New Delhi introduced me to this amazing beans. An interesting combination of learning and finding on assembling computers led me to the lustful red kidney beans. My friend told me that Rajma is native of  North Indians and to my surprise I later found out that The red kidney bean is actually not of Indian origin but native to the New World – Central Mexico and Guatemala.


Rs 10 a plate for Rajma Chawal at Snack junction was very crowded and the different aroma drew me right to this place. The red colored dish along with white rice was very enticing and I instantly fell in love with what I tasted for the first time. Back at home, I tried couple of times to cook rajma, however couldn’t get the right. A year ago I finally found  the right recipe for it and for that I would always be very thankful to my dear friend for sharing it with me  her. So here I present my favorite Rajma Curry. You can serve it with boiled rice, roti or naan, I love it with rice and achar.



2 – cup rajma(small kidney beans)

2 tablespoon – butter

bayleaf – 2

Badi elaichi – 3( crushed)

1 stick cinamon

Onion – 2(cut and make a paste)

ginger – small piece

garlic 5-6

green chillis – 3-4

make a paste of giner,garlic and green chilli

salt – to taste

fresh coriander for garnishing

Cooking Step :

Wash and soak 1 and 1/2 katoris of rajma overnight or for 6 hours.

Pressure cook the rajma in the same water it was used to soak in

Adding more if necessary with salt to taste for 20-25 mins.

Now take the cooked rajma beans and transfer them to the bowl they were used to soak up in.

In the same pressure cooker, add 1tablespoon butter dd 1-2 bay leaves, 1-2 badi elaichis ( pounded with a belan once to bring out the flavour ) and a 1/2 inch stick of cinnamon.

Now add ground ginger ( a small piece) , garlic ( 1-2 flakes)-onion (2 medium sized) paste alongwith chopped green chillies and fry.

Once the masala starts to brown, add the required quantity of rajma masala…atleast 3 tspns and saute.

Now add fresh tomato puree ( of 5 tomatoes) and cook till the masala leaves oil.

Add the cooked rajma alongwith its water

Adjust salt seasoning ..

A little gartam masala powder and pressure cook opnce again for 2 whistles to seal in the masalas in the curry.

Serve topped with fresh coriander leaves.

P.S. – This recipe is given to me by my fb friend Sonal Sardesai Gautam.

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