Arabian Nights, Priya Complex  Vasant Vihar 27th January 2013

I can’t recollect who suggested me Arabian nights, way back in 2001. Their main dish has been Dona Roll (Chicken Mutton),

Grilled chicken platter (serve with pita bread, humus and pickle). The last that I had savored them was way back in 2007. We loved its aroma and the way it was perfectly grilled and would frequent the place often.

We went to watch movie and decided to revive our sweet memories and gorge on the Arabian Delights. I was waiting in anticipation and was excited because I was eating after ages. The moment I took a bite, I was heavily disappointed! Chicken wasn’t cooked properly and I could find no aroma or the juicy taste that I had been lingering on my mind. I came with my set of expectations and I was disappointed. I will not prefer going there again.

While I was driving way back, I started pondering – Have my taste buds changed and are now fine-tuned to better quality and delicacies or has the quality of food in these places deteriorated?

Do you feel the same as well?

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